Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sleeping with a Friend

Ok, so no, you're not about to get any juicy details about my actual sex life!  *ahem* Let me tactfully remind you all that I am married.
But when this song came out I really liked it, and I hear it fairly regularly on my drives to and from work.  I was driving home one morning when this song came on, thinking about what kind of spreads I was going to try to craft for Valentine's day.

Could the Universe have smacked me in the face any harder?

We all love our besties, but what if you LOVE love your bestie?  Can you take it to the next level?

Add this one to the spreads inspired by music.  Or at least named after some.  (All the Wrong Places, & One Love One House.  I could make a theme out of this)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tarot Personalities- the Emperor

I've talked previously about revamping 78 Weeks of Tarot and bringing it over to Divine Trinity Tarot's social media.  Previously, I would hunt Pinterest for quotes and images relevant to the cards.  I'm still hunting quotes, but I'm now making my own graphics!  It's pretty fun and a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Some turn out better than others, but I like to think I'm improving overall.  

Today I posted the Emperor, and I realize that the quote I chose probably says a lot more about me than the card as a whole.  Whoops, I think my daddy issues are showing.  I just see him as unflinchingly stern.  Not uncaring, but still stone-like.  He believes in order and systems.  If you don't follow the order, he believes discipline will set you back in line.  This goes more in hand with the reverse of the card, but it is an aspect of the Emperor nonetheless.  And on Friday I'll make sure to highlight him in a more positive light.
There are so many different facets to each tarot card, none can be summed up sufficiently with one quote.  So I guess it's a good thing that I try to give each card at least two graphics.  And when we run through the entire deck, we can start over and keep exploring all those angles.  It's one of my favorite tarot hobbies!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Enchanted Tarot Deck Mod

I did it!  I cut all the borders from the Enchanted Tarot.  I plan on adding glitter and an edge treatment as well in the near future, but for now, you can read about the borderectomy over at Divine Trinity Tarot

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Post-Christmas Post

Christmas is such a crazy time of year for me.  For many of us, I know, I know.  I work in retail, so a lot of the magic is just sucked right out of me, and I can't drum up any kind of enthusiasm until Christmas Eve Eve.  I do really enjoy the holiday, but the mad rush leading up to it, both as a retail employee, and a parent wanting my children to have a magical day, just leaves me stressed out and drained.  Just a week ago I came home from work one morning and just collapsed into tears of frustration on the couch.  So while I had a really wonderful Christmas, I can't even tell you how happy I am that it's over.  I'm even happier that I have some much needed and well deserved (trust me) vacation time coming up.  I'll have the entire first week of January all to myself.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why Freebies are Still a Thing for Me

This morning Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady posted this gem:  Six Signs You're Ready to Begin Charging for Your Tarot Readings.

I love Theresa's blog posts because they're short and right to the point.  I read it rather quickly, mentally ticking check marks next to her six signs.  Before I started charging for readings, all of them were true.  And that's cool for me.  You know, there's a feeling of validation.  YES!  I MEET THIS CRITERIA!  THIS WASN'T A CRAZY MOVE TO MAKE!

After the six signs, there are four helpful tips.  It's just the last one... I can't do it yet.

"4. Repeat after me: stop doing freebies.  Let people know that you are now “going pro” and direct them to where they can purchase your services."

UGH!  I have a real problem with this.  It's good advice, don't get me wrong!  I agree with it more than I don't.  I even did this!  I told everyone that I'd stopped doing freebies, I told them where they could obtain my services.  And the first month or so after we launched, it was great.  I was still keeping busy doing what I love, reading for more clients than I honestly expected.  And then after the initial rush, things slowed down.  

I got bored.  I missed reading for other people when I had no orders waiting for me.

So, recently, on a day off, I offered free one card readings on tumblr.  Just a little quick sample of my style.  It kept me happy and busy all day.  I earned tips AND full paying clients.  It was the second time I'd offered freebies since launching DTT.  The first time was so I could break in a couple of new oracle decks.  But it had much the same type of result.  Tips and paying clients. 

So.. I mean it *seems* to be working for me.  For now. 

I know how quickly offering free readings can go from creating buzz and interest to being totally taken for granted.  It won't be special and impactful if I do it too often.  There will definitely come a point when it just won't be a viable option for me.  But for now I do think this is a card I'll keep up my sleeve for awhile (pun intended).  When I have extra time and energy.  When I need to drum up some excitement.

And even if I do offer freebies every once in a while, they're still on my terms.  Seekers still have to follow the DTT Code of Ethics.  And the questions need to come in while I'm taking them.  No pity readings if anyone missed the boat.  

Am I maybe making excuses and trying to justify this to myself?


Love you tarotmigos!