Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why Freebies are Still a Thing for Me

This morning Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady posted this gem:  Six Signs You're Ready to Begin Charging for Your Tarot Readings.

I love Theresa's blog posts because they're short and right to the point.  I read it rather quickly, mentally ticking check marks next to her six signs.  Before I started charging for readings, all of them were true.  And that's cool for me.  You know, there's a feeling of validation.  YES!  I MEET THIS CRITERIA!  THIS WASN'T A CRAZY MOVE TO MAKE!

After the six signs, there are four helpful tips.  It's just the last one... I can't do it yet.

"4. Repeat after me: stop doing freebies.  Let people know that you are now “going pro” and direct them to where they can purchase your services."

UGH!  I have a real problem with this.  It's good advice, don't get me wrong!  I agree with it more than I don't.  I even did this!  I told everyone that I'd stopped doing freebies, I told them where they could obtain my services.  And the first month or so after we launched, it was great.  I was still keeping busy doing what I love, reading for more clients than I honestly expected.  And then after the initial rush, things slowed down.  

I got bored.  I missed reading for other people when I had no orders waiting for me.

So, recently, on a day off, I offered free one card readings on tumblr.  Just a little quick sample of my style.  It kept me happy and busy all day.  I earned tips AND full paying clients.  It was the second time I'd offered freebies since launching DTT.  The first time was so I could break in a couple of new oracle decks.  But it had much the same type of result.  Tips and paying clients. 

So.. I mean it *seems* to be working for me.  For now. 

I know how quickly offering free readings can go from creating buzz and interest to being totally taken for granted.  It won't be special and impactful if I do it too often.  There will definitely come a point when it just won't be a viable option for me.  But for now I do think this is a card I'll keep up my sleeve for awhile (pun intended).  When I have extra time and energy.  When I need to drum up some excitement.

And even if I do offer freebies every once in a while, they're still on my terms.  Seekers still have to follow the DTT Code of Ethics.  And the questions need to come in while I'm taking them.  No pity readings if anyone missed the boat.  

Am I maybe making excuses and trying to justify this to myself?


Love you tarotmigos!


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More Disconnected

I've heard it from all over.  Get more work done and boost creativity by turning off the phone and closing that laptop.. or at least get off of social media. 
One of my favorite hobbies is scrolling endlessly on tumblr.  I used to spend a lot of that time interacting, talking to my tumblr friends.  Now, with my husband's somewhat recent schedule change, my sleep pattern has shifted yet again, and I find that most of my online scrolling time is when those friends are sleeping.  Either because they haven't woken up yet or they've already gone to bed.  So really, I'm just mindlessly wasting my time.  There's no reason why I can't just check for messages, refill my queue, and spend minimal time logged in.  There are plenty of other things I could be doing.  Like..
  • Brainstorming blog posts for DTT
  • Devising New Year spreads for a variety of price points
  • Getting ahead and scheduling FB posts
  • Catch up on relevant reading material
  • Practice with my sewing machine
  • Try out a new crochet pattern (I really want to make some fingerless mitts!)
  • Attempt to train Jasper (pshhh lol)
I have a lot more downtime than I usually realize.  On my nights off, I have around six hours to myself.  Why aren't I doing more with them?!  If I'm not working on client readings, there's plenty of other things I can be doing.  Even on the nights that I do work, depending on what time I get home I have a couple hours to myself to get myself caught up on correspondence and then shut down to get other things done.
I'm not going to wait until 2015 to start spending less time plugged in.  I know it's going to be a hard habit to break.  I've been an internet junkie since I was 14!  I think I've procrastinated long enough.

What habits are you trying to break in 2015?  Hmu, let me know!

Later lovelies



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tidying Up

It's been quite some time since I've been back here in Blogger.  In September Cassie, Rose, & I successfully launched Divine Trinity Tarot.  It was (and still is!) really exciting.  We're still working on making our mark in the tarot community, but we're definitely getting there.  My online home nowadays is tumblr.  I spend most of my time and do the most interacting over there.  And while I love both tumblr and Divine Trinity Tarot, neither are really appropriate for the kind of rambling I like to do from time to time.  So I figured this blog was due for an update and revamp.

I'm still doing 78 Weeks of Tarot over on my Facebook page, but I'm considering moving that series over to the DTT page.  With Facebook continuing to limit how many fans see content, I wonder if it's worth the effort to maintain two pages, even though on DTT of course I'm not there on my own.  I just want to streamline a little more.  I have trouble keeping up with the series as it is, skipping weeks here and there.  If I do move over to DTT, I'll probably post less quotes to go along with the cards.  Maybe three a week instead of trying to do six.  Ramble ramble..

The girls and I realized that it was difficult and confusing to have so many pages on the site with Paypal buttons for the three of us, coordinating sales by creating new Paypal links, etc etc, so we've streamlined that as well.  We now each maintain our own storenvy shop, with the Divine Trinity Tarot website serving as a central hub to get to know us, post relevant blog posts, and get the skinny on the latest promotions.  I'm hoping it will work out easier for us and our clients.

It feels nice to be back here.  I admit I haven't posted very much on DTT's blog, but it's because I want to make sure what I *do* post is interesting and relevant to our audience.  If there's anyone here reading this, don't think I don't want this blog to be interesting for you as well!  It's just that I feel it's a little bit less formal.  And it's nice to be in my own space.

So stay tuned, lovelies!  There will be more to come *muah

Friday, August 8, 2014

Giveaway has Closed

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway on both Facebook and Tumblr!
It's been a lot of fun and I can't wait to send the prizes to the lucky winners!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Exciting Things!

Hello and happy Monday!

I've been working on some pretty fun things lately.  Of course, 78 Weeks of Tarot is still going!  In case you've missed it, we're out of the Major Arcana and looking at the suit of Wands.  I can't believe we've come so far!

I was recently interviewed by Kelly-Ann of the Four Queens for her Tarot Spotlight.  What an absolute honor that was!  You can read that here.  She asked such thought provoking questions!  I also hinted there about a special project that I'm working on... will be launching sometime at the end of summer.  It's going to be my new home website along with two absolutely lovely ladies.  We'll be offering our services in one central location and bringing you different perspectives to your tarot experience.  You can check out our Facebook page to keep updated on our launch date, newsletter sign-up and special promotions to come!

As a reminder, my tumblr/Facebook giveaway ends on Thursday!  There's just a little more time left to enter so if you haven't done so, hurry!

I've also gotten myself into a project on Tumblr that I didn't even mean.. I have so many tarot friends there I said, hey wouldn't it be fun if we created a tarot deck with a card for each of us?  Of course I'd be the Queen of Cups, and I have friend that easily fit with other cards.  Well, the idea blew up, and what started as a joke is turning into an actual project.  Almost all of the cards have been claimed by fellow tumblr tarot readers and pretty soon I'll be looking into the logistics and practicalities of actually getting a customized deck published.