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Hey there, it's Queenie!  If you're new around here, go ahead and poke around.  Visit the tabs above and get to know me, ogle over my deck collection (I do that regularly!) and check out some of my blog posts.  While you're here, subscribe to my newsletter!  Sometimes I include a surprise discount code, just for my loyal readers ❤

So what do I do?

I offer heartfelt and candid tarot and oracle readings through my store.  I've been described as the best friend who tells it like it is but isn't a total bitch about it, or the big sister that you actually like, who always knows just the right thing to say.  I'm not afraid to tell you what you really need to hear, but at the same time, my goal is to empower you to take control of your life and your choices and put you back into a position of control and accountability.

What Else?

I also offer a more unique service at The Fairy Cardmother.  You can send me your beloved tarot or oracle deck and I will give it a complete makeover.. or just trim off those ugly borders.  This is something I've done with many of my decks, and the difference it makes can be surprising!  The Fairy Cardmother shares my Instagram, but has her very own Tumblr if you'd like to follow along and see how I transform a deck into something new and refreshed!